The Journey

Where did the journey to Gator Girl Art begin? Somewhere as the tiniest seed. Maybe a color or a thought. When you protect your heart or get really busy with your life sometimes you forget to pay attention to the road signs. Sometimes a dream takes a few false starts or takes a bit longer to materialize.

Looking back, I catch glimpses of my dream materializing. When I was 6, I painted wearing my French beret. I painted a picture of a dream I had when I was in my 30’s. My seven-year old daughter recognized it as me. The woman was sitting on a curb in front of a parking meter that said, “expired” in the window. I enrolled in painting classes now and then through the years. When I started listening and opening my heart the tiniest little bit, things moved so fast towards my dream, I don’t know what happened first.

Somehow in the rush towards dream realization, I started painting alligators. I was teaching kids with special needs in an elementary school more than full time. I was  a long way from a real live alligator, living in central California. At Cosmic Cowgirl’s University, I painted a business plan that involved Brad Pitt, living in New Orleans, and giving back to the community. If you really want to jump-start your dream. If you are ready see it in living color, write it down or paint it. Let me tell you, it works like magic.

After a family vacation to New Orleans one summer, we all decided to move here. We were playing a game at dinner. The game was to pick one word that describes you and one word that describes where you live. My word was bohemian-artist. First, I want to tell you where we were living. We were living in a city that I love. The problem I was having was my word was bohemian-artist and we were all living in Salinas, California. The word for Salinas would have to be Mexican or agriculture. My youngest daughter and husband’s  words were “music”. My son-in-law’s word was “work”. My oldest daughter’s word by default was “mama”.

We developed a three-year plan to move our whole family.  My daughters, baby grand kids, and son-in-law moved first. They took a year to start Pokorn Construction. I retired early at 55. At the end of that school year David and I moved to New Orleans.  Here we are.

Living a dream

that started most recently with an alligator.

3 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. This is real commitment – and the whole family got behind it! Again, I’m so impressed, also with the change in direction at the school in Algiers … =D

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