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The Pussyfooters have new costumes.

Hi all y’all!

My cousin, Lisa asked me to paint a new Pussyfooter painting. It seems like a reasonable request because the Pussyfooters have new costumes. We look like superheroes with a “P” on the back of our capes. Lisa is on the costume committee. She is a braver woman than I am.

You can see a pretty good picture of the cape in the first photo. Lots of people took their capes off that day because it was so hot. She has her cape tied around her waist. You can see our logo.

The second photo shows our new pieces.

The painting is in the half done ugly-ish stage. I think I will just show parts of the painting this week.

Painting the Pussyfooters this year is different from the last time I painted Pussyfooters. After 5 seasons, I can feel what it is like being in a parade while I am painting. I am tempted to have a zipper busted open or sweat riveting off a body. I choose to try and capture the joy (for now).

This is the only part I am totally happy with so far. It is a bit small. This will be an afro wig and a tinsel wig. The women are close together, but really they should be an arms length apart. I think it will be called “Let’s Dance”.


This is Here Come the Girls. I painted it 4 years ago. I can tell by the corset.

Here Come the Girls_@120
Here Come the Girls

We are all a little sad about the season being over. I have to go to the rec center to exercise now… and I mean now :/

With gratitude and best wishes,

Gator Girl

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A Couple of Illustration Changes

Hi all y’all!

A fabulous Mardi Gras came and went in the Crescent City. The weather was in the 70’s and breezy. The weather is kind of a big deal, because whether you are in a parade or watching one, you are outdoors for many, many hours. I am always amazed that I can finish a parade. It turns out to be around 17 miles when you count all of the dancing in place when the parade stops. (Some of the women had Fitbits.)

Here are the Pussyfooters during a pause in Femme Fatale. Eli Mergel took the photo. (click on “Eli Mergel” to see lots of wonderful photography.) There are about 120 Pussyfooters in total. About 50 women did this parade.


This is my sweet darlin’ and me on Mardi Gras day. We parked across the river and took the ferry. Excellent idea.


I revised two pages for the Not-Yet-Revealed author. I like both pages better now.

Pop is dressed more maturely. He is also wearing a wedding ring.




Poppee has grey hair and his goatee is narrower and longer. I like Poppee better, too. I made his eyebrows less prominent while I was adjusting his look. I appreciate a man with good grooming.

I think there is a pause here with the book. I am going to schedule photos of the first 5 pages. The author is going to send these beginning pages to publishers. I hear that publishers want to see 3-5 pages. I hope a publisher is going to love the book and grab it up without too many changes. I will let you know as soon as I do.

Today is the first day of Lent. I am just going to try to be an all around better person. Like making a conscious effort to be more Zen and less reactive.

How about you?

With hope and anticipation for the future,

Gator Girl


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Page 5, Poppee!

Hi all y’all!

Happy Mardi Gras! The first uptown parade is today!

This is me on the front page of the Times-Picayune! (I must be excited because I already used 3 exclamation marks.) The Pussyfooters were the first women’s dance troupe. We started in 2001. My favorite parts about being a Pussyfooter, aside from becoming famous, are that I dance for women who can’t and we raise money every year for the Metropolitan Center for women and children. This year we raised $38,000.


Page 5 of the book is Poppee.

He is grandpa to the baby.


In the painting are some New Orleans icons. On the shelf behind Poppee are cups from . Coffee with chicory and beignets are often the first stop in the French Quarter for visitors to our city. It is open 24 hours.

He is stirring a pot of gumbo and holding a gumbo bowl, with a smaller pot for white rice on the other burner. Next to the stove top are an onion, green bell pepper, and celery. These three vegetables are called the Holy Trinity. The trinity is in most New Orleans dishes… jambalya, étouffée, gumbo…

I wanted to capture the love in Poppee’s expression when baby walks into the room. I like the repeating rectangle pattern in the basket and bricks. I was going to paint Poppee’s shirt in a check print, but thought that would be too distracting. (I still want to.) My favorite parts of the painting are the cups and the trinity.

Poppee is the last of the human characters in the book. You have met them all now.

In lewdness and proudness,

Gator Girl

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Hi all y’all!

Happy Mardi Gras! I would normally be working on a Mardi Gras painting because I am moved by the seasons… Mardi Gras, Crawfish, Snoballs and Football.

I wanted to finished Rollergirls for any roller derby fans.

I love roller derby. I wish I was brave and tough enough to skate like that. This painting is loosely modeled after the Big Easy Rollergirls. The floor in the painting is more like a gym floor, but their colors are black and gold. The crowd is very close to the players and the fans from both sides are dispersed throughout. I took some artist’s prerogative. The gator is the jammer. That is why she has a star on her helmet. The other team is trying to block our star player. It is just becoming apparent to the crowd that Ms Gator has a winning move.

Every time I came back to this painting, I wanted to change someone’s expression or skin color. The 15 spectators took more time to paint than the rollergirls. I am not really this patient unless I want to complete a vision.



Charles Wendell and Brad of Brad and Dellwen's Flag Party

Can you find Brad and Dellwen from Brad and Dellwen’s Flag Party on Magazine Street in the painting? (The photo is from It is a mystery to me why I choose people to paint. Many of the spectators just have the attitude of people I know, they don’t represent them physically.


I am going to the airport to pick up my friend from California for her first Mardi Gras! Muses rolls tonight! Muses is my favorite parade. I love that it is a women’s krewe. They have great throws and are generous. The Pussyfooters are dancing tonight, but I am going to be a spectator cheering my pink sisters on. I hope to see you on the Avenue.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Gator Girl 

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They didn’t know.

Hi all y’all,

Today, I am combining my blog and Mardi Gras celebrations. Don’t you think one of the hardest things is to balance? Like balancing work and play, me-time and family, king cake and exercise. From the minute I wake up it is a puzzle to see what I can fit into my day. Give and take.

My recent painting has been fun and frustration. It started like this…

It started like this. 

Indecision. I added colors that I liked. I was leaning towards an alligator among lily pads. Then I added Jesus on the cross that Maggie drew, a peace symbol, a note from my sweet darlin’, advice from mini Mags, a movie stub, a fortune, cute little deer.  My collage items were all based on love.

Starting Over
Starting Over with a plan

My friend, Rene, posted on Facebook, “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” I Googled it and found out it was an old saying attributed to nobody in particular. It fit perfectly into my strong women theme.

We were seeds. Completed
We were seeds. Completed

I kept very little from the beginning. The colors are still mostly blue and orange. There is a little bird and most of the fortune. I was going to paint a lot of flowers, but the trees looked so strong.

This is what it looks like on the parade route near our house. Only, it will be more crowded tonight.

Our Mardi Gras Crew
Our Mardi Gras Crew

My daughter, Angie, sets this all up for us every day. This year I decided to cook dinner and bring it down to the parade. Tonight is red beans and rice.

This is me as a Pussyfooter.

Gator Girl Mardi Gras '15
Gator Girl Mardi Gras ’15










Happy Mardi Gras y’all!


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Mardi Gras and a Gator

Hi all y’all,

We are in the full swing of Mardi Gras come rain or come shine.

Day 2 Mardi Gras, last weekend
Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Last Saturday, the weather was beautiful, the crowds were there, but in a gentler, roomier way.

It rained all night.

Throw me something, mister!
Throw me something, mister!

Sunday, started out muddy and fun. Then the deluge. Only the hardcore monsters of Mardi Gras stuck it out.

Sunday's parade
Sunday’s parade

Pussyfooters put on a happy face.

I am working on a new painting called Gator in the Hen House. It could symbolize government corruption. I really wanted to paint it because chickens can be so colorful. I wanted a challenge. This painting is pushing me to experiment with proportions, movement and design. I am just going to take my time.

So far, it is only acrylic paint.

Gator in the Hen House in progress
Gator in the Hen House in progress

My plan is to add some ink behind the chicken wire for depth and color. Then, chicken wire made with medium gel gloss using rabbit wire as a stencil. I want to add paint to molding paste and put some of the feathers on with a palette knife. Finally, many more layers of paint.

All of this will occur after Mardi Gras.

I am already liking the Gator’s swashbuckling attitude.

That’s what’s happening in my neighborhood. What’s going on in yours?

Happy Mardi Gras,

In abundant love,

Gator Girl
Gator Girl


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Women of Mardi Gras

Hi all y’all!

The Carnival season is upon us. Do you know how the longer you are in a situation, the more you see?… like the unfolding of a map. I feel like I am understanding Mardi Gras a little more this year.

I just noticed that many women are in more than one parading group. What bad ass women. I have never been much of an athlete and this would require that kind of energy.

There are many women’s troupes. I will only touch of a few. Give you a taste of what you might not know.

Of course the Pussyfooters.

“First and foremost, it is said that Pussyfooters are on this earth to raise the consciousness of all women everywhere. Sisters from the Mothership work to support and empower women globally and locally. We honor our imperfections and dance out of love and non-judgement. We are–each and everyone of us–shiny diamonds.” —Camille Baldassar, founder.

The Pussyfooters raised $34,000 for Metropolitan Center for Women and Children this year.


The Bearded Oysters. The Bearded Oysters is an organization devoted to sisterhood, fun, art, and personal growth. Over 700 women.

Bearded Oysters
Bearded Oysters

The Muff-a-lottas are a dance troupe filled with New Orleans ladies ready to strut their Muff Stuff down the nearest parade route.


Cosmonaughties are Celestial bodies in motion! The Star-Steppin’ Cosmonaughties are the official dance team of Krewe de Lune. Born during the 2011 Carnival season, the Cosmonaughties have been rocking their unique, fun style in Mardi Gras parades and events year-round ever since.


I am hella excited about the Glambeaux‘s debut this year. Talk about bad ass. Flambeauxs are heavy. These flambeauxs are a hiking backpack’™s frame supporting a propane tank fueling 4 burners on top of a pole.  

Historically, the flambeaux was carried on the parade route to illuminate an otherwise dark street. Historically, carried by a man. It is customary to tip the flambeaux carrier. The Glambeaux donate their tips to Woman with a Vision. 


14 days until Mardi Gras! The parades have already started.

Love to y’all!

Gator Girl