Giving Back

My daughter, Angie, and I have registered a non-profit business to rebuild parks and green spaces in New Orleans. Our project is NOLA Groundswell. 10% of the profits of Gator Girl Art go into the project.

We just received permission from Annie at the New Orleans Park Commission to start a Booster Club for Samuel Square Park! We are finalizing our non-profit status with the federal government this week. The next step will be going to our neighborhood meetings and the park commission meetings and letting them know our plans. I already have a few leads for grants. Wish us luck.

We need an updated play structure
Near a busy street
A beautiful shade tree.

Samuel Square Park is well used by the neighborhood. It is large and has nice trees. We just need some better  play equipment, a community garden, re-pave the basketball court, improve the football field, and add a water feature for those really hot days. There, I have said it, which is the first step to having it.

Stay tuned to for developing dreams.

You can write to us at

We would love to have you involved if this is where you would like to put your money, time or physical effort.

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